Fund Trustees

The respective Boards of Trustees of the Funds consist of a three Union-designated and three Employer-designated Trustees. Although the same individuals serve on both Boards, the Union-designated Health & Welfare Trustees are elected, by majority vote, by the principal officers of the seven locals that originally founded the Health & Welfare Fund (Locals: 107(2), 312, 331, 384,  676 and 929). The Union-designated Trustees of the Pension Fund Board are appointed by the respective Executive Boards of Locals 107 (2)  and 929. The Union Trustees of the Funds are:
William Hamilton Union Co-Chairman Teamsters Local 107 2845 Southampton Rd. Philadelphia, PA. 19154 Howard Wells Teamsters Local 676 101 Crescent Blvd. Collingswood NJ 08108 Robert “Rocky” Bryan, Jr. Teamsters Local 929 4345 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA. 19124
The Employer-designated Trustees are appointed to the Boards by the Transport Employers Association, an association having as its members individual Employers who have collective bargaining relationships with the Funds’ participating Local Unions. The current Employer Trustees are:
Kenneth F. Leedy Employer Co-Chairman Transport Employers Assoc. 29 Reed Street Marcellus, NY. 13108 Bob Schaeffer, Jr. Executive Director Transport Employers Assoc. 29 Reed Street Marcellus, NY. 13108 Tom J. Ventura YRC Worldwide Inc. 10990 Roe Avenue Overland Park, KS. 66211